Dinosaur News Update #7

Kickstarter Crowd Funding Projects Ever wanted to run your own dinosaur park? With the kickstarter project for tabletop board game Dinogenics, you can! Manage your resources well and compete with other players to draw the biggest crowds to your dinosaur … Continued

Monthly Dinosaur Update #6

Kickstarter Some really amazing stuff on Kickstarter this month. I say that almost every month, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Seeing the things that people create involving dinosaurs is really inspiring to me. Makes me want to … Continued

The Ultimate Father’s Day Dinosaur Experience

Incredibly Easy Gifts and Plans For Dad If dad is a lover of dinosaurs, he probably supports yours or your children’s own dinosaur habit the rest of the year. I’ve got an entire day planned out, including gifts for dinosaur … Continued

Dinosaur Video Games For Any Platform

Modern Dinosaur Video Games (2016) You can find dinosaur video games on any platform, but they are most plentiful on PC. Getting a game on a console system (PS4, XBOne) is very expensive for the developer. Meanwhile PC game developers … Continued