Dinosaur Flavored FunKo Pops

Jurassic Park Line Expands FunKo Dinosaur Offerings FunKo fans everywhere, rejoice! A new group of pops approach to help celebrate Jurassic Park‘s 25th anniversary! In case you don’t know what FunKo Pops are, they are vinyl figures with oversized ‘bobbleheads’ … Continued

Monthly Dinosaur NewsBites #4

Miscellaneous Possibly the most awesome thing I discovered is a line of dinosaur wines coming later this summer. It appears to be some kind of collaboration between the Windy Wine Company and wrestler Kraig Kessaman. A couple of the known … Continued

Crowd Funding Report #1

Dinosaur Crowd Funding Projects Backed May through August 2016 Crowd funding is perfect for what I’m trying to do with this website. Expand the appreciation of dinosaurs for adults. Since crowd funding isn’t exactly instant gratification, it tends to attract … Continued