Monthly Dinosaur NewsBites #4

Miscellaneous Possibly the most awesome thing I discovered is a line of dinosaur wines coming later this summer. It appears to be some kind of collaboration between the Windy Wine Company and wrestler Kraig Kessaman. A couple of the known … Continued

Best Dinosaur Games To Pick up in the 2017 Steam Summer Sale

Great Dinosaur Games at Good Values The biggest video game sale of the year, rivaled only by Black Friday sales! It’s a PC gamer’s candyland, and a great way to save money. There are a slew of dinosaur video games … Continued

Dinosaur NewsBITES #3

Welcome to the monthly dinosaur pop culture report! It’s been a really full month with some awesome crowd funding projects, an amazing dinosaur shirt that someone tweeted to me, and a some really remarkable scientific discoveries that were announced. Along with … Continued