The Ultimate Father’s Day Dinosaur Experience

Incredibly Easy Gifts and Plans For Dad

If dad is a lover of dinosaurs, he probably supports yours or your children’s own dinosaur habit the rest of the year. I’ve got an entire day planned out, including gifts for dinosaur loving dads, and some room to fit in your own plans. You’ll notice the running budget aspect which you can pick and choose from, spending as little as $7.99 or less than $150 for everything. In a lot of cases I have provided some options to lower the cost for you, and the rest of the family can benefit from most of the gifts as well making this a pretty economical and efficient expense! Shopping around other retailers might save you money as well, but everything comes from Amazon so you literally only have to lift a finger (a few times) to make it all happen thanks to the Amazon Prime service. This site does get a tiny bite of the revenue when you use the links, but of course it never costs you extra. Don’t have Amazon Prime? No problem, you can get the free trial and cancel anytime while still enjoying the full service for a month. Make the dinosaur enthusiast dad in your life feel like the T-Rex of the household for a day with the following father’s day playbook:


As soon as dad gets up, he’s ready for that first cup of coffee, or tea if that’s the caffeine fix of choice in your part of the world. Have a cup ready for him when he makes it to the living room in one of these awesome dinosaur coffee mugs. Coffee mugs are a Father’s Day gift staple, and either of these will kick it up a notch with some dinosaur flair. Depending on the size of the mug you want, you can save a few bucks.  Also, make sure there’s bacon for breakfast! The most important part of the most important meal of the day. $14.99 to $19.99

Now that dad has his eyes open, and a full stomach, it’s time to get dressed to go and visit the other dads in your friends and family circle. If dad is a fan of The Avengers, he’s gonna love the new shirt you have waiting for him, already laid out on the bed. $18.80


After a busy morning, it’s lunch time. That means tacos or pizza, nothing too healthy. Kick back with the whole family around the TV and watch dad’s favorite movie from the Jurassic franchise, or Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs if you have some younger viewers. If you don’t care for the digital copies or want to save some money, you can get Ice Age 3 under $5 on eBay. $9.99 to $14.99

What makes the movie experience better? Fresh baked cookies of course. Since we’re not going with the same old boring day fathers day cliches, we’re going to bring the A game with 3D dinosaur cookies. Welcome to epic eating with a variety of dinosaurs to choose from. If you want the extra special touch, use your family cookie recipe. Some of the store-bought stuff is pretty good too, personally I like the Pillsbury sugar cookie dough from the refrigerated section. Hint: Pick his favorite dinosaur. $7.99 to $12.80

Now it’s chill out time while the family splits up to do their own thing. Have dad something to read on while he spreads out on the couch, and what better to read on than Dragon Teeth. It’s a fictional tale that takes place during the golden age of dinosaur fossil hunting in the the American wild west. Cowboys and dinosaurs, what could be better? This novel was actually found after Michael Crichton passed away by his son, making this the last book published by the Jurassic Park author. A little bit of father-son story here, making it a particularly memorable and special gift from son or daughter to or from their parent to bond over. The cover looks pretty reminiscent of the original Jurassic Park cover too. A lot of potential nostalgia with this gift, so you may want to opt for the physical copy. The hardcover is cheaper than the paperback, so make sure to check all of the buying options. If you want another recommendation, you can check out my Raptor Red or Recreating an Age of Reptiles reviews for a completely different reading experiences. $14.99 – $16.11


Once dinner is over and everyone is settled in for the night, it’s time for some adult beverages. A glass of wine served from dad’s new dinosaur wine holder. Of course after Father’s Day, it’ll be your wine holder too the other 364 days of the year. There is another to choose from, but it was out of stock at the time of this article. Search around for more or new dinosaur wine holders if you find this down the road. Not a fan of wine? Check the dinosaur beer database to find a six-pack of something in a craft beer store near you. Meanwhile he’s gonna need the liquid courage to take on what’s next. $26.95 to $34.99

The expansive and popular Ark: Survival Evolved is a must-have for dads into survival and open world dinosaur video game! The code is for Steam, which is a completely free and no hassle service that can actually save you tons of money on video games in the future. ARK goes on sale there all the time, so be sure and shop Steam for a lower price. There’s an extra bonus here if dad plays on X Box consoles. Ark: Survival Evolved will be available from day one on the upcoming X Box one X. If dad has the game on PC, it also gives him access to the game on the new X Box One X as well. So come November, you both get to enjoy an amazing dinosaur adventure! What better way to end every day of the year? If ARK doesn’t suit his fancy, there’s lots of other dinosaur video games to choose from. $29.99

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